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Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs who need a supportive environment!

To reach the next level and look for like-minded people!

  • If you are developing a new business idea?
  • Are you a consultant who would like to attract more clients?
  • Do you need to transform your life or business, and instead of that you procrastinate?

Then our community might be just what you are looking for!

We are a diverse community located on several continents. Our members work in different industries, and we are always ready to welcome new members.

What is it for?

We believe that success is not a coincidence. We had observed many teams and projects and we had come to the successful formula of making projects that matter! Find out more about our success formula below!



We work in a Sprint manner just like Agile development.

Each member joins the sprint with their challenge and receives a valuable input and accountability which helps them to be unstuck and achieve more at the end of the Sprint.


Our Sprints are 4 weeks long. Our Formula to success is easy as 1-2-3



  1. Week 1 = Introduction to your Tribe and Goal Settings
  2. Week 2 – 4 – Tribe support and weekly calls
  3. End of week 4 – Celebration!  


What our members say about our approach

We are a community of Change makers and Entrepreneurs, that’s why we are constantly working on ways to become better and provide more value to the community.

Below, you can read members’ feedback!

Do you have questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!

"A place to challenge what I am working on, how I can work better, and I'd even like it to be a place where I can grow."

"More useful than a grade. The success is in the learning. There is no failure only growth.

"Very useful for helping to achieve a specific goal."

"A great way for me to meet some great people and share feedback in a safe place."